Features, Tools & Technology

Leveraging the same advanced technologies, advertising, marketing and mass communication methods used by Big Business, we’re building a platform to identify, collaborate and treat Mental and Emotional Disorders.

Big Data

Identify at risk individuals by using Big Data to compile, analyze and compare current patient data with diagnosed individuals.

Machine Learning

Analyze communications and media streams, such as social media posts, text messages, videos and internet searches.

Cloud Computing

An “always on, always available” system accessible everywhere — from office computer, to smartphone or tablet while away.

Advertising & Marketing

Reach patients with online advertising, paid social media posts, search engine results, phone calls, video games and much more.

Stakeholder Integration

Interface with interested stakeholders to provide patients with work, charity, healthcare, educational, and other opportunities.

Unified Communication

Collaborate using text messaging, smartphone apps, online chat, video conference, social media and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Stimulate real human interaction in online chat, text messaging and voice using Apple Siri, Google, and Amazon Alexa digital assistants.

Live Reporting

Test, build, and share new treatment methods with colleagues; execute those methods, and view real-time results.

Variable Data Printing

Personalize clinician workbooks, documents, instructions, video content and treatment materials for each individual patient.