The Problem:  About 44.7 Million Adults Experience Mental Illness in a Given Year

(NIMH 2016 Figure)

Technology, media, stresses, and requirements of daily life are fracturing the healthy sense of self and community, resulting in individuals unable to cope and resigned to mental and emotional deficiencies.

The Goal: Help At Risk Individuals Find and Excel in Treatment

Our goal is to help individuals be more healthy, well-adjusted, socially-productive members of society. We’re helping individuals to actively create their own success, produce healthier families and vibrant, supportive communities.

The Solution:  Use New Technology & Communications Methods as a Platform for Success

Form a cooperation between mental healthcare providers, private industry, nonprofits, educational institutions, and government to:

1. Identify at risk individuals for depression, suicide, addiction, mental illness, abuse, and other individual and societal afflictions.

2. Empower stakeholders with technology, tools and methods to change negative lifestyle patterns and behaviors into positive alternatives.

3. More effectively treat patients with technologies and communications mediums they already use.