The Slaughter Of Television And What It Means For Website Development

Death Of TV Media

TV ratings are in a tailspin. TiVo is riling advertisers everywhere. Netflix is upending the cable TV model. Free TV shows are popping up all over online. Network execs are broiling under the collar. Once profitable programming lineups are now solemnly queuing outside soup kitchens. Let’s face the music, television’s golden years have been unceremoniously dumped at the curb. And this whole time, the web and small business websites have been quietly digging holes in the desert to bury television for good. Much like "video killed the radio star," more complex websites that blend video with dynamic website content, are completely obliterating the line between traditional TV and yesterday's internet. Fueling this metamorphosis is the explosion in broadband and mobile internet adoption. Broadband, much like an eight-lane highway compared to a two-lane country road, speeds up traffic flow-enabling websites to engage users with feature-rich interactive experiences using video, audio and previously unthinkable technologies.

Broadband's Impact On Website Features

Running alongside the growth in broadband, new technologies, previously impractical thanks to sluggish internet connects, are taking root as the new standard for successful small business websites. Features like video seminars and conferences, Podcasts and audio coupled with Flash-animated interactive presentations, think PowerPoint on steroids, add dynamite to your small business website. They're compelling sales tools! And as any savvy business owner can attest, when compared with a traditional marketing, online marketing material can cost significantly less, and can be rolled out time and time again to reel in new customers at little to no additional cost. By adding rich interactive experiences to your website in the form of video, audio and multimedia presentations, you will become much more effective in presenting yourself and your business to current and potential customers. For example, a short online demonstration that let's a user virtually interact with a product or learn about a service, is much more valuable than a bulleted list of features and benefits.

Producing Multimedia Content For Your Website

Thankfully, multimedia content doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming to create for your website. Think simple! Something like a 10-minute Podcast round table discussion lead by you and your sales team about the benefits of your services, pains of your customers or new features of a new product, can position your small business website as the "go to" resource. Or, if you have speaking engagements, have a colleague with a camcorder record your next speech or presentation for use on your small business website. These are all small opportunities that pay big dividends as your library of content grows.

The Future Of Video And Websites

Web, meet late night infomercial. Hold on! We know what you're thinking. "Infomercials! Those damn things are for suckers. They're cheesy sales pitches and have no place in selling my business." Well... you'd be right and wrong at the same time. In no way is a hard-line buy-now sales pitch being advocated. That approach will eat away at your credibility and professionalism. However, a lot can be learned from infomercials and applied to online marketing. It's all about subtle persuasion and psychology. Direct marketers have known for years that those late-night 30-minute commercials for the latest and greatest cooking knives, stick anywhere lights, and gadgets captivate audiences and convert sales . These infomercials work and work really well because there is little else to capture the insomniac's attention. And therein lays the golden egg. The direct marketer knows his audience won't be channel surfing, so he focuses on making the sale. And just like the fella who's wide-eyed at three in the morning learning about the most versatile pasta maker on the planet... visitors to your website are already interested in you. They're receptive to your services and offer. Keep them on your site and sell, sell, sell! Use this psychological advantage when preparing your webinars, Podcasts and Flash presentations. And remember, when producing content for your website, customize your content for each visitor. You aren't talking to large groups of people. Your content should be a one-on-one dialogue with a single person -- with the goal to contact you to discussion on how your product or service solves their problem.

What Does All Of This Mean For Your Website?

Plain and simple, like any other shift in media dominance and advances in technology -- either you adapt, or you fade away and die in obscurity. Smart business owners are leveraging this beefed-up toolbox of new website technologies and marketing techniques to not only outpace their gun-shy counterparts, but whip the paint off 'em! So, start incorporating video, audio and multimedia features into your small business website -- it's the wave of the future that's cresting right before our eyes.
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