Beginner’s Guide: How To Promote Your Website Online

Marketing your website online isn't difficult, but it does take time, effort and a little know how. If you've just launched a website for your small business, or you've had a website for years but never bothered to promote it -- this beginner's guide on how to promote your website is just for you! Learn how to promote your website online with the following staples of Las Vegas internet marketing. And don't forget to promote your website offline too!

An Overview On How To Promote Your Website Online

Don't get sucked into thinking paid search engine advertising is the only green pasture out there. There are plenty of free opportunities online. The goal is to construct a massive online network of touch points to funnel potential customers and traffic to your website. Much like traditional forms of marketing, promoting your website online is a numbers game. The more potential customers your online marketing and advertising reach, the more traffic your website will generate, which increases your exposure and sales.

How To Promote Your Website Using Directories, Blogs, Forums And More

To promote your website, start submitting your website to free online business directories; join online forums and communities related to your industry, leaving links to your website; become active in Blog discussions, posting relevant comments and links to your site; post how-to, informative and educational articles on article publishing websites with links back to your site (commonly referred to as articles marketing and online article marketing); and post video presentations, demonstrations, discussions and more on YouTube and other video websites. The above are just a few examples for how to promote your website online. There are plenty more opportunities for you to grow your web presence and expand your online marketing reach.

Tips On How To Promote Your Website Online

Link Building Improves Search Engine Rank

Link building, or the process of nesting links to your website from other people's forums, Blogs and directories, will drive traffic to your website and increase search engine rank. Think of search engine rank as the search engine's analysis of your website's authority and merit. As part of their ranking algorithm, search engines track the number of links to your website and ranks popularly linked sites higher in their resulting searches. The theory being, that a website with a large number of links pointing to it, contains more valuable website content, and therefore, is more relevant to the search engine user. So it's important for you to actively promote your website with link building.

Invest In Your Website's Content

An important point in how to promote your website online -- don't forget the importance of website content. Great, quality website content will encourage other sites to link to you, markets your products and services to site visitors, and adds fresh, new pages to the search index. The more pages you have for your website, the more opportunities you create for search engine users to find your site. Think about who's visiting your small business website and provide appropriate content for their needs.

How To Promote Your Website Locally

If your customer base and marketing ambitions are local or regional, focus your online promotional efforts locally. Find local directories of businesses, media websites, Blogs, community organizations and publications to build website links from. Keep your website content related to your local market and encourage and actively promote your website with anchor text that is location-specific. Anchor text are the search engine keywords used to describe your website link.
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